Understanding Vistumbler

Vistumbler is one of good wireless network scanners which as written in AutoIT Scripting Language, purposely to support Microsoft Windows Visa (that’s the reason they put “Vis” in the tool’s name), along with Windows 7 and 8. In order to get wireless network and access point information, it uses netsh or Native Wifi API of Windows. Similarly to Wellenreiter and KisMAC, it supports GPS with COM based NMEA receivers. Also, there is an option that you can export and import access points between Vistumbler and Netstumbler in TXT, VS1, VSZ and Text VS1 format. Additionally, you can export GPS location of access points to Google Earth. Not bad feature, right? Not finish yet, it has ability to play sound or we can say sound notification for signal strength by using MIDI or Windows sound API. The important thing is it’s free! You can use it for your own benefit without paying. But not all of free tools are good ;-).

Currently, the latest and stable version is 10.6 which has been released in December 06, 2015. This latest version have much improve on performance while scanning by turning off the tree view. As suggestion, you may want to disconnect all wifi network before scanning so that you can get a best result. Not only English is supported, you can change to any language you want.

Okay, enough bullshit to describe. Let go directly to download section and play with it ;-).


Having said that, all below screenshot are referencing its features which I have described above.

Vistumbler1 Vistumbler2 Vistumbler3 Vistumbler4 Vistumbler5 Vistumbler6 Vistumbler7


In case you want to try older version of Vistumbler, please check it official website provided below otherwise click download here to play with version 10.6.

[button color=”blue” size=”medium” link=”https://raw.github.com/RIEI/Releases/master/Vistumbler/VistumblerMDB/v10/Vistumbler_v10-6.exe” icon=”” target=”false”]Download Vistumbler[/button]

More info?

Check out its official site if you want to gain more something else.

[button color=”gray” size=”medium” link=”https://www.vistumbler.net/” icon=”” target=”true”]More About Vistumbler[/button]

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