Being a network and system engineer is fun and awesome. We can help people to connect their devices to Internet, help them to send email, access online stuffs, get their life easier, ensure their company’s services alive… As I described in previous article, configuring things are easy. There are many resources on the Internet for How-To but to monitor and troubleshoot when there is problem is not quite easy. Of course you need to know which tool is suitable for your network infrastructure, the result or output you want to achieve from the monitoring tool, etc. Today we are going to show you about one best monitoring application called Zabbix.

Zabbix is the best network and system monitoring application for any network/system types. I have been using it for years to manage our own and customer’s network infrastructure and it’s the tool I would recommended. It is built for enterprise class monitoring solution for everyone. And yes, it is completely free and open-source. You can use Zabbix to monitoring almost everything. For Zabbix demo installation, check HERE.

Functions and Features

The current stable release of Zabbix is version 3.0.3 which has just been announce in May 18, 2016. You have choice to install it on Windows or Linux Operating System. Red Hat, CentOS, Oracle Linux, Debian, OpenSUSE and Ubuntu are the Linux distribution of choice you can choose. It is written in C language for the backend and PHP for frontend. Its web GUI is simple to use and easy for management. It supports many different types of database application to store its own data. You can use Oracle, SQLite, MariaDB, PostgreSQL or MySQL. This awesome application has ability to monitor hundred of devices and verify the availability of your services, statistic of data usage such as CPU and Memory load, network and system utilization, disk space, number of prefixes for routing protocol, up/down of host and routing protocol neighbor like BGP by using SNMP, TCP, ICMP and IPMI.

Zabbix-1 Zabbix-2

You also can configure it to send notification when there is problem or service restore via email, SMS and Jabber. The notification message can be customized as you need. Moreover, you can tell Zabbix to execute command to your network and system device via telnet or SSH. It’s awesome, right!!


The History

Zabbix was found and created by Alexei Vladishev. In the year of 1998, it was just an internal product idea in a bank where he worked. In 2001, Zabbix released its first version 0.1 then a stable version (1.0) in 2004. And in 2005, Alexei Vladishev established the company under the name ZABBIX SIA in the Republic of Latvia. The development is still ongoing until now with the latest release is 3.0.3. The improvement has been made from version to version for the ease of use and simple to manage including many new features and functionalities from time to time.


There are two different websites for Zabbix – the .com and .org. All document resources are at You can find thousand of how-to and step-by-step documents there. To download the package, you can visit or by clicking below button. Also, they can provide a great technical support, professional training, consulting, template building and development on your demand for your need.

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More Info

To get more about Zabbix, check out their official websites.

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