Getting Started with Huawei

It’s been quiet for a while and many things have changed these few months. I have been involved and experiencing new flavor of networking, which is Huawei platform. Normally, no matter what vendors you are using, below basic setting are always required…like hostname, enable remote access with some restriction, new username for management and date/time. So let start from very basic of configuring those setting.

Configure hostname
sysname iNET9-S6320-30C-SW1
Enable SSH
ssh authentication-type default password ssh user networkadmin ssh user networkadmin authentication-type password ssh user networkadmin service-type all
Restrict SSH with ACL
acl name SSH 3000 description SSH-White-list rule 10 permit ip source 0 rule 20 permit ip source rule 30 permit ip source rule 255 deny ip ssh server acl 3000
Create new user
aaa   local-user networkadmin password irreversible-cipher ##passwordhere   local-user networkadmin privilege level 3   local-user networkadmin service-type ssh
Configure time
<Router-1> clock datetime 13:00:00 2018-04-29 <Router-1>system-view Enter system view, return user view with Ctrl+Z. [Router-1] clock timezone Asia/Phnom_Penh add 07:00:00 Or you can configure router to sync time with NTP server by using below sample command. ntp-service unicast-server source-interface MEth0/0/1
That’s it for some basic configuration on Huawei switch or router.

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